Today I wanted to tell you how perfect everything is now.

The problem (well, there is no problem because there are no problems, only opportunities to grow and learn ;)) is that we many times think that everything is wrong.

When we think that everything is wrong, we only see what is wrong.

When we only see what is wrong, we reinforce the idea that everything is wrong.

And then we continue to look for what is wrong.

Of course that, at any time, there are always things that are going well. And if we focus on those things, we’ll see that all is well.

And if we think that everything is really well and perfect, at any time, we will realize that yes, everything is perfect exactly as it is!

It’s good to think and to see that everything is perfect just as it is. 

Then you don’t need to keep chasing after something you don’t have yet.

And you don’t need to be unhappy now.

Because if you’re not happy  now, you won’t be happy in the future. It’s just you mindset… and it’ll be the same, as soon as you  achieve anything.

This happened to me, with all the houses I owned.

Nothing was enough. Nothing was good enough.

And I was never happy with the house I was in, because I could only see the faults, the bad things, that made me want to look for another house.

At first it was new, so everything seemed great.

Then gradually I began to see a problem, two problems, three problems …: the entrance hall is very small, it should have more closets, it has a lot of humidity, it doesn’t have enough sun, whatever. There were always things that weren’t right and I only focused on them. So I never really enjoyed the homes I was in.

Lately I’ve been focusing on being happy where I am, noticing the good things about the house I’m in now: it has a comfortable, sun-filled room overlooking a garden, lots of outside space (I can go outside to eat or read) , I have rooms for everyone and lots of space inside the house too.

It has lots of things that are important to me.

And I’ve been so much happier in my home.

Of course there are things that aren’t ideal, like living outside of Lisbon and my children are studying in the center of Lisbon, which makes things more complicated (and how can I change that?). But I’ll no longer change to a temporary thing, which isn’t quite what I want, because I want to be living my best life every moment and right now, not only in the future.

When I decided to see things differently, I also found more solutions to the things I don’t like. For example, now I work in a place closer to home, so I avoid car trips that I hate. I also work more often at home.

And more ideas will come up ;)

How does this apply to your style?

Don’t make yourself feel bad about your image and style, because that won’t help you improve.

The more you accept where you are and see it as perfect and as the ideal time to improve, the better you’ll feel and the easier it’ll be to find solutions and get good results.

To change, you need to learn and act differently, to create new routines, and that is much easier when you’re motivated and happy.

On the other hand, it’s good that you don’t feel happy because it means that you want to improve.

When you decide that you’ll change, when you decide to make things happen, that’s when they happen. And that decision comes from not being happy with your current situation.

So once again, everything is perfect exactly as it is now. Everything is always perfect :)

In the comments tells me:

What don’t you like about your image and style? How perfect is that? – What are the positive things about your situation and how is it helping you improve?

What don’t you like about your life now? How perfect is that? – What are the positive things about your situation and how is it helping you improve?


P.S. Here’s how my struggle helped me: It was because I didn’t like my style that I decided to change. It was because I struggled that I now can teach you how to change. And it was because I struggled that I can understand how frustrating it is,  not liking you image and style.

If I didn’t want to change things, and improve, I’d never find my solution to learn how to dress well and how to create stylish outfits: the CYOU app.

I’ll have more news soon! xxx

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