Today I want to tell you about a very simple outfit, great for the mid-season and very easy to replicate:

  • skinny or slim pants
  • a blouse or shirt
  • closed shoes that can be sneakers (my favorite option), ballet flats, ankle boots, etc.
  • on top, a jacket that can be a blazer, bomber, cardigan – the best option is the one that is best for you in terms of taste and body type also (to make sure it looks good on you).

Mid-season Advantages:

Since it’s not too cold, you can wear short socks that look great with sneakers and ankle boots. And you can also wear ballet flats and pumps, without feeling cold.

On the other hand, you can also wear blouses and shirts. In Winter it’s harder to wear them, at least for me, because I like to feel very warm ;)

Finally, you can still wear shorter / cropped tops, which are trendy and also have the advantage of elongating your figure.

How to Adapt This Outfit to You

How can you adapt this outfit to your body? You have to worry about:

  • wearing the right size,
  • wearing the right pieces that disguise some lack of proportion so you feel more balanced,
  • create a good balance between the volume of the pieces,
  • stretch the figure so you don’t look more disproportionate

And to adapt it to your wardrobe?

  • make the right combination of pieces (inside your wardrobe)
  • make the right combination of colors (don’t wear more than three / four colors in one outfit)

Finally how do you adapt it to your tastes?

It’s easy: choose the type of pieces you feel most comfortable and stylish with!

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