Finally Christmas is in full swing :)

Do you also love to watch Christmas movies? One thing I love about Netflix is that it has lots of Christmas movies and I’m crazy about them. I’m going to watch them all ;)))

What I like the most is seeing all the Christmas decorations, the outfits, the houses and environments, that are amazing and all with the Christmas theme…

But returning to today’s post, I wanted to tell you about some outfits for the holidays!

There are lots of options but here are my favorite six.

6 Chic and Casual-Chic Outfits for the Holidays

1. Choose One Trend of The Season: Leopard Print

If you want to change your style a bit, away from what you usually wear, wear one of the season’s trends. This year leopard print is everywhere so you can wear leopard print pants, a skirt or dress. Wear it with black leather ankle boots that look stylish and are great for the cold and rain.

I’m thinking about wearing a red leopard print dress, from Zara ;)

2. Easy: A Dress or Skirt

On the other hand, you have the classics that always look good like a dress or skirt.

You’ll also look different because we usually don’t see many dresses and skirts during winter.

You can choose a knit dress or skirt, which looks more casual, or a chicer fabric like lace or leather, for a cihicer look.

Wear opaque tights so you don’t feel cold. If you don’t mind the cold, you can wear Calzedonia’s density 8 tights, in a bronzed skin tone.

3. Shine: Sequins or Mettalics

Still going with the holidays classics, you can wear sequins or metallic tones.

They look amazing (who doesn’t like a bit of shine ;)) and it’s the perfect time to wear them. Of course you can also wear shiny pieces every day, with simpler pieces ;)

You can go for a complete shiny outfit or mix a shiny skirt or pants with a knit – it looks great and it gives a casual-chic vibe. Wear simple shoes, so the focus is on the shiny piece.

4. Large Sweater

This is a good option to be warm and comfortable. I’m going to wear one of these sweaters, for sure ;) Combine with black or leather skinny pants, for a chicer look. Or with a chicer skirt, in leather or sequins. Also, if you want to go more casual, jeans always look good too!

5. Green Piece

I’m a bit tired of seeing red in Christmas parties, so I like the idea of a green piece. But I also loved the look on top of the post, with the red scarf ;)

Classic: Black & White

If you don’t want to think about it and you like the classics, try black and white. It always looks good and chic. With the outfit on the right you can add black tights, a black cardigan and you’re done. Or wear straight leg black pants instead of the pencil skirt.

Extra outfit: Cozy Pajamas

Finally for the 25, it’s great to have a warm beautiful pyjamas to open the gifts with the kids. Mine are bigger and bigger but they still like to open presents. This way we all look cuter in the Christmas pics ;)

Maybe it’s a bit too much but I want to try it out this year. I’m going to buy plaid pants and white tees for everyone! I chose the photo below because it’s similar to us, although we have two boys and a girl in the middle ;)

Some tips to always feel warm:

  • Wear a warm t-shirt underneath
  • Wear warm tights
  • Wear a fur coat on top (or with fur inside) – they’re the warmest and most comfortable.
  • Wear a warm scarf.

What about you?  Which is your favorite outfit? Are you going to wear it this season?

Lots of love,


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