Today I thought about sharing a breakthrough I had!

This is what happened: I was thinking about my business and money and how I don’t have the results I want there, yet.

I was reading something about business, and I was worried that I’d get everything right. Like the exact phrase the person was telling me to do, so I wouldn’t screw it up. And then I realised something really important:

That shows how unsure of myself I am in that area. I’m unsure and doubtful, and that’s why I feel I have to follow everything exactly as it’s taught.

Because when I was learning about losing weight or eating healthy, and as I still learn today, I used to look at the ideas, and use what made sense to me. And also ADAPT that to my personal situation.

For example, in one “diet” that I still use today, the doctor told me I had to count portions also for vegetables and I decided at the time, that I wouldn’t do that. Because I felt that I couldn’t spend my life feeling that I always had to limit what I ate. I wanted to be able to eat the quantity I want, even it it’s “just” with vegetables. And that’s what I did and what still works for me. I eat any amount I want of vegetables and I don’t add it to what I’m eating daily.

So, I realised that in business and money, I don’t do that. I don’t think – “This doesn’t make sense to me so I’m doing it MY way”. And believing and knowing that that’s the right way for me.

No no no. I have to follow exactly the steps that I’m told ;)

So, now I’m going to start listening to my inner voice, so I can do what’s best for me. And I’ll take the parts that make sense to me and apply them, and I’ll change the parts that I feel I need to change, so I adapt them to my way of being!

What do you think? Is there an area of your life where you also don’t trust your intuition and just follow whatever everyone else says it’s the right thing? Maybe it’s time to change that ;)

Lots of Love,

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