The other day I noticed that I love when women I follow share about having anxiety, because I don’t feel so alone about it.

So I thought about sharing it with you too…

And one of those women said that anxiety is a superpower.

This one was a bit hard to swallow because… for sure.. How can anxiety be a superpower?

It’s just so freaking annoying, stopping me from doing the things I want, keeping me in my comfort zone and I need to get out of my comfort zone to evolve right?

But then it hit me like like a ton of bricks…

Anxiety is powerful because it’s showing me the way.

A while ago I was starting to do my business like I did before. Like before, when I burn out from the stress of it all. From doing a launch and not being able to sleep well and stressing all the time, from working non stop and talking badly to my kids because I didn’t want to be interrupted. From making my business my whole life.

I was going the same way and I wasn’t even noticing it. Having my schedule, making it work, doing what’s needed… ignoring everything and everyone else. Because this is my responsibility and I have to make it work, and blah blah blah.

Then it started to creep in. At first it was just a bit, but after a while it became impossible to ignore. That feeling of insatisfaction, of having to do more, of going non-stop, that is anxiety.

And it was showing me what not to do!!!

So I realised that if I didn’t have anxiety telling me: “I JUST CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE”. I would still be doing it, until I burn out again, if need be.

Anxiety showed me that that wasn’t the right path for me.
That having my own business isn’t worth it if all I do is work and if I don’t have time for all the things I value like health, freedom and family.

Anxiety showed me that I can do better.
That I can take care of my body and myself. That I need to create a business where there is time for me, time for everyone I love and time to just be and rest with no worries at all.

Anxiety showed me that I do deserve better.
That what I was doing isn’t right for me, that I need to protect and respect my body, myself and everyone else around me.

And most importantly of all maybe, anxiety showed me that THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.
Working non-stop is no longer an option. The feeling of it all won’t let me do it.

So that’s what anxiety does. It doesn’t let you forget what’s important to you because right away it starts to send you signals and saying: “This isn’t aligned! What do you think you’re doing? This is never going to feel good so you better change it” :)))

What about you?

What is anxiety showing you? What should you change in your life right now, so you feel less anxiety? And how else is anxiety your superpower?

Lots of love,

P.S. One of the ways that I use to control anxiety and feel much more calmer is daily meditation.

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