Do you want to learn how to use meditation to help you manifest your desires?

Meditation is really powerful and now that I meditate regularly, something interesting started to happen. Sometimes when I visualize it’s like I’m actually in the place I’m imagining. It’s like I’m actually there and it feels AMAZING!

The other day I was visualising – in meditation – my ideal room, which had a panoramic view of the ocean. And it felt like I was really there.

It felt 100% real.

And I finally understood what people mean when they say that for the mind, it’s the same: whether we’re actually living the experience, or we’re visualising it.

Because when you really visualize, you FEEL like you’re actually there.

I’ve been meditating every morning and it’s making a big difference in my life. I feel calmer, more centred, I get lots of ideas also and I listen to my intuition much better. It was while I was meditating that I had the idea to do this challenge ;)

I decided to do a challenge because maybe… you also want to create a new habit of meditating :)

And why wouldn’t you? Meditation is one of the best things for our health, well being and it also can help you with manifesting :)

Plus it makes you feel amazing!

I’m doing this free meditation challenge so you learn how to meditate and also how to use meditation to manifest your desires. I’ll be joining along!

You can enter here!!!

See you there :)

Lots of Love,


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