Today I want to tell you why most women don’t change their style, even if they want it, a LOT.

And it’s really simple…

I discovered this because I realised that a lot of the courses I did online, and the books I read, said the same thing: 90% of people that buy a course or book, don’t end it and never act. That’s why only 10% have results.

If you REALLY want to have style, did you do everything you could?

Did you take all the actions you can take?

Did you do the courses?

I’ll say no.

Because if you’d done what is needed, you wouldn’t be trying to improve your style, you would already have the style you want.

And maybe the problem is you don’t believe you can. That can be a part of the problem, of course. Because if you don’t believe you can, you’ll drop the course or the book even sooner.

So maybe there’s two reasons, not believing + not doing what is needed.

I know how that is, not believing in something we really want. For a long time, I also had things that I wanted but wasn’t able to have. And there’s still things I’m working on right now ;) We’re always working for the next level ;)

But I know one thing, and that’s that when we really believe, everything becomes possible. Nothing is too much for us. That’s what happened when I decided that I was going to change my style.

Like Jim Rohn says: it’s a powerful day, the day we decide.

Because everything can change in that day.

The day I decided that I was going to have style, everything changed. Because that was also the day I believed I could have style. It’s impossible to really decide, if we don’t believe, don’t you agree?

Today I want to invite you to enter the Confident Superstar membership. It’s the program where I’m going to support many women on a marvellous trip to the style of their dreams ;)

If you know it’s your time, and that you’re ready to decide today…

If today is the powerful day that changes your life, when you decide that it’s possible for you and that yes, you’re going to have the style you want…

If you know you’re ready to stick till the end, instead of being a part of the 90% that give up after a while…

Then I’d love to have you in Confident Superstar.




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