Yesterday I was reading a post from a coach I follow, about empathy and being too sensitive.

And I loved it because I felt so understood.

I also suffer from the same “problem” ;)

If you were called too sensitive when you were little, if you feel you’re sensitive, and if you feel that’s bad… That’s not true!!!

Because it’s great!

Of course it also has disadvantages.

For example, today I came to work at the Portuguese Bakery. I love this particular one because it usually has lots of places, few people and lots of light and sun. But today I started feeling annoyed right away because it had LOTS of people. They have some tables that are great for working and only one was empty (usually there’s only one occupied). And in the only place available, there’s a couple that has been talking non-stop for the last hour and a half. And they’re still talking. LOL.

I’m not against people talking for a lot of time, of course. Sometimes it’s me doing the talking. But if you’re sensitive, you’ll know what I mean.

It’s that sometimes we just need some peace and quiet, and being in a calm place without a thousand people. Especially if we’re working ;)

And we may feel bad about it, in a society that values extroversion, loving to be with lots of people, etc.

I also love being with people, but I also need my alone time. And I need time spent in quiet places, and even better, in nature or with a water or garden view.

So right now I have my headphones on, with very loud music so I don’t hear all the chattering around me. Nothing like starting the morning writing my post, while I feel calm and quiet.

But what I also wanted to tell you is that being sensitive has many advantages. And it’s good to see it as your super power.

Because it also makes you more intuitive. And being able to know what’s going on, even if people don’t say it. And it also helps you to understand and feel what other people are feeling, and then know where they’re coming from.

I use it a lot with my kids for example. I think it helps to have a good relationship with them, because I can understand them, deeply. As I can feel exactly what they’re feeling, in certain situations.

Being sensitive is also great because it means you’re not indifferent to the suffering around you. You can feel it.

It also means you should protect yourself from very negative situations. Because they can bring you down quite quickly.

One thing that helps when youre feeling negative energy around you is imagining a shield of light protecting you, all around you. The other is simply walking away.

And besides, isn’t it much better to be a sensitive person than an insensitive one? That doesn’t care about other people’s feelings?

I’d say YES it is :)

Another thing about being sensitive has to do with anxiety.

Many sensitive people also feel anxious more easily. So it’s also good to protect yourself form situations that make you feel anxious, like running around because you’re late for something. Now I have a rule of preparing everything 30 minutes before going somewhere, and ideally arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier. I arrive much more calm and happy instead of anxious and stressed ;)

So that is my message: Start to see your sensitivity as your super power, that makes you special. And protect yourself from what doesn’t feel good to you.

Here are Six Ways to Love Yourself + Your Sensitivity

  1. Don’t stress about things you can avoid: example – last minute running around
  2. Reserve some time for you, every day. To bring your energy up by doing things you love (exercise, walking in nature, spending time near water or trees)
  3. Choose calm places to spend time in
  4. If you’re in a negative environment, and you can walk away, do it. If you can’t, imagine a ball of light all around you, that protects you. Mine is yellow/golden.
  5. Don’t blame yourself for needing time for you and for recharging your batteries :)
  6. Start to view your sensitivity as your super power and seeing all the advantages of being sensitive.


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