You probably already noticed that a big trend of this season is the leopard print!

I used to be a bit against the leopard print… because I though it gave a bit of a trashy look… but that was a long long long time ago ;)

Now the leopard print is used on lots of pieces, and when it’s used on not so sexy pieces, it looks different and also balances that effect.

How to Wear the Leopard Print

It’s a sexy print, so wear it with relaxed, simple pieces. So that the outfit looks more balanced. Try it with sporty pieces (like sneakers). You can see it on the photo above.

You can also choose a more relaxed leopard print piece, like:

  • slouchy pants instead of leggings
  • a full skirt instead of a tight mini-skirt
  • a large sweater instead of a cropped top

How to replicate this outfit?

  • If you don’t have this kind of overalls, wear a t-shirt with another black dress that shows the tee (with straps for example).
  • If you don’t have the leopard print tee, wear another print (stripes, flowers, etc)
  • Finally you can wear other neutral tone sneakers. Or other black shoes.

Let me know if you need some help ;)



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