Today I didn’t have any idea about what to write about so I decided to do free writing to see what would show up… ;)

I like to have this habit of writing every day. It’s true that it’s easier to do it every day, then just three or four times a week for example. Because then we can postpone it for another day. And then we postpone it again, and so on, until we end up not doing it…

And I also think – if it’s not good enough, I won’t publish it. But then I’ve written it so why not right?

That’s what I’ve been doing in a nutshell.

Today I have to tidy up the house because my kids have some friends sleeping over. So the chaos is coming to the house ;)

And I also had an idea of doing a video while I choose some stuff from my wardrobe. I think I’ll do it this afternoon. I want to make more videos and then I think I need a tripod and lighting and … then I’ll never make videos so I’ll just start with none of that ;)

I’ve been wanting to declutter my whole wardrobe for a long time now, but I kept looking at all the clothes and I didn’t have the courage to start.

But the other day I found a video that said to put a timer on for 15 minutes and then organize the closet during that time (or more if you feel like it). 

Of course that I usually feel like organising a bit more and so I’ve been organising a lot of stuff. I start with a cluttered zone and I take everything out. And then I only put back what I like, organised.

Another thing I’ve been doing is that I get rid of pieces that I don’t wear or don’t fit me super well.

For example, this morning when I was choosing what pants to wear, I took out to give away one pair of gray ones, that was too tight on top. And I also put one pair of leather leggings to go to the tailor.

Everything that I don’t love or that I wouldn’t wear if I was already at my next level, if I already had upgraded, goes.

For example, I’m going to do that with the bath towels – that is a situation here ;) I have 3 kids so there’s always a big confusion with towels everywhere. They always take a new one, until they are all gone.

So I’m going to find a way to have everything organised. That means I’m going to buy new towels in different colors so everyone knows which one is theirs ;)

That is also a situation that I want to upgrade, because it annoys me a LOT.

But coming back to the wardrobe, that’s a great way to organize everything: bit by bit. And of continually choosing pieces and upgrading your style and your life, every time you get dressed.

If you see something you don’t like, that you wouldn’t wear in your next version, don’t keep it.

3 Steps to Easily Declutter Your Wardrobe

  1. Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus on one section of your wardrobe
  2. Get rid of everything you don’t like, that is ruined or that your next level wouldn’t wear
  3. Keep choosing your things every day: keep finding the things that have to go, when you get dressed and find thing thats aren’t ideal for you

Lots of Love, 


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