Today I wanted to talk about those days when you feel like doing nothing at all. Because today in the morning, I was feeling like that.

But while in the past I thought: “Another ruined day”. Now I think: “How can I get back to flow and feel amazing or at least good, again?”

I already did lots of things to feel better: I did a morning yoga class that I don’t usually do, then sauna and then I decided to go to Belem’s Starbucks which is one of my favorites. Had a favorite drink and even then, I didn’t feel good.

Then I answered some questions and I did some exercises that I have for these days, and I felt better.

Basically I realised that I repeat the same mistakes, keep manifesting the same problems, same situations, because I don’t look at what’s going on.

Things go wrong, I get super irritated, I say that things are going to change… and then I don’t create space to decide how things are going to change. So they never do.

And that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t feeling it today.

Now I did a plan to change what’s bugging me, and it’s quite simple. If I didn’t have these bad feelings, I wouldn’t change because I wasn’t going to think about it.

All this to tell you that all feelings are good and they’re there for a reason.

The negative ones want to show you something and if you explore them you’ll be able to change your life more quickly:
Ask: “What is this here to show me?”
Or just write about why you are feeling this way and you’ll discover a lot.

We can learn quicker or slower, but we’re going to learn or we’ll keep getting the same lesson – meaning the same situation – until we realize what we’re doing, thinking, deciding that isn’t the right thing for us.

After we understand what’s bothering us, it’s easy to change it. If we think about solutions instead of focusing on the problem ;)

What about you?

What problems or negative situations are you living? What do they want to show you? How can you change it? What can you do today?

Lots of love,

P.S. Meditation is a great way to make space to solve problems. I get lots of ideas without thinking about it (they just come to me).

If you want to learn how to meditate and how to meditate to manifest your desires, check out the free challenge “Meditate to Manifest Your Desires” here. xxx

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