Today I want to tell you about doing what we love.

It’s easy to do what we like the most, when we’re aware and can see what makes us feel really good. What brings us joy and happiness.

Sometimes we’re so distant from ourselves, that we don’t know it.

You may have doubts or think that there aren’t many things that you really like to do.

But that isn’t true, you’ve just been distracted ;)

A good way to know what makes you happy is remembering situations from your childhood where you were happy (or from anytime in your life).

What were you doing? Who were you with? What made you happy?

This way it’s easy to discover what makes you happy and what you like to do.

The other day I did a meditation where I remember one of my favorite Christmas. Or maybe it was my favorite Christmas ever. And it was when I received a bicycle :)

It’s impossible to tell you all the moments that made me happy with that bike (because I don’t even remember them all).

But I remember going for big rides in Tomar with my cousin Teresa, my sister and lots of friends.

I remember us pedalling like crazy to get to the top of the road so we could go down speeding up and doing that time and time again.

And that feeling was the best thing in the world (at least for us then ;)) And maybe it really is!

I’ve been working on loving myself more, accepting me 100% because I think it’s the basis for everything.

And I think that discovering what we like and knowing ourselves better, it’s essential for that.

To me, riding a bike (or a motorcycle), feeling the wind while I’m at full speed, feeling free, having fun and laughing with my friends, those are some things that make me happy.

If you also want to have more fun, love yourself more and accept yourself 100%, answer these questions (and share it in the comments below so we can learn more about things that make us happy ;)):

What makes you happy? What can you do today, that you love to do?


P.S. I discover lots of things about myself while meditating.

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