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Have you been waiting for your partner to propose and it seems like it’s never going to happen?

If that’s the case then why not consider asking the question yourself?

There are some telltale signs that you can look for which may help you with the answer!

He Always Wants To Be There

If the man in your life is always wanting to be around you and is quite happy to be in your company rather than his mates, this could be a good sign. Is he always initiating the first move to spend quality time together? If the answer is yes, then this could be a sign that he’s ready for commitment. However, before you visit jewellery shops to look at unique engagement rings, there are some other signs to look for which will tell you if they’re ready or not.

He Doesn’t Disappear

If you go out on a night out with friends, he’s always there beside you and doesn’t disappear for a significant amount of time – this could be a sign that he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level. Also, if he calls you every day and doesn’t go quiet for large amounts of time, it shows he wants to be close to you and spend time with you.

He Is Reliable

When your man says he’s going to do something and he does, that’s also a good sign. It could be a matter of meeting at a specific time, and they are punctual, or it could be bringing you something from the supermarket when he said he would, or leaving the pub when they said they would. If you can rely on your man to do as he says he will, that’s a good sign.

He Listens To You

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Listening is an essential part of any relationship, and if your partner listens to you attentively, then this is a sign that they are mature enough to take your relationship a step further. However, some men will always be paying more attention to sports even when you think they are listening to you ;)!

You Are Both Genuine Around Each Other

If your relationship has progressed to where you are both completely comfortable with each other, no matter what you do, this could be a sign that you’re both ready to move to the next level. When you’re both fully compatible, it’s like you complement each other, and you can be your true selves when together.

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These are just a few of the signs that your man is prepared for the next level of commitment. However, there are also signs that they’re not ready, and you can learn more through many articles you can find online.

It’s now more common for women to ask the question as we live in an age of empowerment. So instead of waiting around for the question to be asked, which doesn’t seem to be very forthcoming, ask them to marry you instead.

But you do need to know whether they’re ready for commitment and the tips above will help you out!

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