Today I wanted to ask you: “What if nothing ever changed?”

I think this is one super powerful question to ask yourself.

Once I read a book I loved and one of the things the writer did, about a situation she didn’t like at all, was asking: “What if nothing ever changed? What if this was going to be my life, forever?”

And it was only when she was able to accept that, that her life started to change!

Many times, the problem isn’t the life we have, it’s that we want another life.

Only seeing the bad parts of what is around us, instead of seeing the good parts.

Everything can be good or bad, when seen in a different light….

And sometimes when we really look at where we’re at, we realize that it isn’t that bad. Maybe it even is good. And maybe it’s even ideal ;)

Many times, of course, change is good. And needed.

But when we come from a mindset of – everything is well right now and I’m grateful for what I have now… changing is quicker and easier.

Because what we resist, persists. And when we keep thinking how we don’t love our lives, we’re resisting, big time!

I know that I’ve been seeing my life in a different way, because I’m loving my life more and more.

Last year, exactly by this time, I was feeling so low that I didn’t even feel like making the Christmas Tree. And if you know me, you know that that’s unthinkable.

My kids usually ask me: “Mom, why are you making the Christmas tree this early?”. I love to do the Christmas tree really early in the beginning of November and I only take it down by the end of January.

As long as we have a Christmas tree, let’s make the most of it right? Of course! But last year I think I did my tree a week before Christmas and it was forcing myself because I didn’t feel like it at all. That was my state of mind…

Fast forward to this year and this has been of the best Christmases of the last years.

And although some exterior things changed in my life, the greatest change happened inside, in my mindset. My way of thinking, being, the way I react to things and problems. The way I see things. And then the exterior also changed, of course.

But there are also things that didn’t change, that I was really unhappy about, and that I now see in a totally different way (like my house, I told that story in another post).

In conclusion, what I wanted to tell you was:

What if nothing ever changed? It can be hard to accept at first, especially if you’re not feeling happy about your life, but that acceptance will bring you two important things:

  1. You’ll accept your situation and you’ll start to see it in another way, automatically
  2. You’ll finally stop resisting, you’ll be in another state of mind and you’ll be able to change (if that’s what you still want ;))

Try it now: Think of the situation in your life that you most want to change and now ask – What if it never changed?

Lots of love,


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