Today I wanted to ask you a question: what helps you make decisions?

On my undecided path I have learned many things about how to be more decisive.

Here are some ideas:

1 – wait until you’re absolutely sure, without fear that you’ll never have an answer – that’s what I used to decide about my house last year. If I was going to leave or not and buy one in Lisbon (at the time I decided to stay in Alcochete temporarily and now in this new year I’ll start again looking again for another one in Lisbon)

2 – notice who you decide to ask for help about your decision – is it a person who always says no or a person who always says yes? A cautious person who tells you not to start or a person who tells you to go for the opportunities? For example, my daughter Catarina does this a lot and I thus understand whether she wants a no or a yes – if she wants to do it, she asks me, if she prefers to listen to a no, she asks the father;)

3 – one I’ve learned a while ago: write the question on a paper or in your journal (if you don’t have one yet, and you don’t do journaling, start doing it because it’s fantastic) and wait for the response that day or during the next days

4 – another I learned from my sister this week: instead of writing the question, lighting a candle to create an intention, closing your eyes, asking the question and then waiting to hear the answer. I did this yesterday about my purpose and I thought – “God, show me my purpose today.”. One thing that happened later on was that when I was in my gym class I thought: this is one of the things I was born to do because I love sports ;)

5 – Write the question in your journal, and then respond from your higher-self. You can start with: “Higher-Self, please write through my pen.” And then start writing. 

6 – Meditate: sit down, you can protect yourself with a bubble of golden light and ask to have only positive answers, from your higher self or Universe / God. Then ask the question and waif for the answer. To meditate just sit down with your back straight, and let your thoughts run smoothly. You can also meditate lying down. Meditate for at least 15 minutes, ideally 30 minutes.

7 – ask: what would my higher-self/ my 2.0 version do in this situation? Go to a quiet place inside of you and listen to the answer.

Now I wanted to ask you for your help!

How do you make decisions? What helps you decide?

Send me your ideas to or put it in the comments below!



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