“The winter won’t change, but you can.

You can get stronger, your can get wiser, you can get better.”

~ Jim Rohn


Today I wanted to tell you about how I hated winter last year, and how this year (and maybe for the first time maybe) I’m actually enjoying it.

The thing is that at the beginning of this winter I read this phrase, from a coach I follow: “I decided that this year I won’t be cold”

And when I read this… ding ding ding, a light bulb went on over my head hahaha

But seriously, I thought to myself, “This is amazing and I also won’t feel cold this year.”

And through this simple decision, everything changed and this year I was hardly cold.

That’s why I’m liking winter. And for the first time in any winter … sometimes I feel like feeling the cold and when I go to the street it feels good to feel that cold and cool wind.


Because, except when I go out on the street (and I’m the one who decides for how long I’m staying on the street, right?) I’m super hot and sometimes even too hot;) That’s why the cold feels good.

I never understood people who say they like winter and being warm at home. But now I do.

I never understood people saying, “I like to stay home and watch TV shows in the winter, because I don’t feel like going outside. For me it sucked not being able to go out.

This year I changed completely. Everything came from the decision I made, because when I did it, here’s what has changed:

1. I decided that I would turn on the A / C in my house all day long, if I had to, so I would not feel cold. What has changed: last year my logic was – I hate Winter so I will turn on the A / C as late as possible because then it means Winter started later. And I want to have 3 months of Winter max, so that’s it. Hahaha Now that I’m writing this I can see that is has no logic at all. But you can imagine what happened: last year, I started to feel cold during November because I refused to turn on the A / C before December.

2. I started wearing thermal t-shirt, with fur inside, as soon as a I felt a bit cold (I think it was in October). Last year, my logic was the same: when I start wearing thermal t-shirts it means we’re in winter, I hate winter so I’m only going to wear thermal t-shirts when I’m really cold!

3. I decided that I only park in the street if I want to walk in the cold. Otherwise I park in car parks and pay more if I have to. So I no longer feel that I have to be cold, but rather I choose to walk a bit in the cold, if I feel like it. And this year I like to walk in the cold, because it’s just a little bit and because I choose when and for how long.

Now I’m not remembering anything else, these are the 3 main things that made me go from hating Winter to starting to actually like it :)

What about you?

How do you feel about Winter? Are you deciding that you won’t feel cold this year?


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