Today I wanted to talk about trips to pick up the children.

And about changing our perspective.

For years and years I always went to pick up my kids from school. I have a more flexible schedule with my work, so it was my task. And I always really liked it, because it’s good to be with our kids,  right?

But lately I started thinking that it was a waste of time, that I needed to have more time for work and also that I was tired of driving in Lisbon. I don’t really like driving so I didn’t want to drive around Lisbon.

Then a friend of mine told me that she wasn’t taking her daughters to school anymore because they could go alone on the subway, since they are older now.

And I decided to do the same and find other ways for my kids to come home, so I didn’t have to go to school so many times.

But then I realized that I missed those trips.

I was talking to another friend who told me that she insisted to take her daughter somewhere super far away so she could be a little bit with her.

Then in another conversation, the mother told me that she still goes pick up her kids every day, including the oldest who is already in college. And that they loved it and so did she.

And finally one day I was writing a list of the activities that made me feel good that day, and I wrote: Pick up my son from school! I wasn’t expecting to write that, really…

And I realized that this activity, that I started to complain about, after all it was always a happy moment for me. I just stopped seeing it like that because I started to focus on the traffic, and the “lost” time, instead of focusing on the time I was going to be with my son.

I decided to write about this because it shows the difference that perspective makes … I went from thinking that I was tired of going on car trips to school (or other places) to take my children, to think that it’s even a privilege to be able to do it!

What about you?

What do you feel is an obligation in your life, but if you look at it differently, it’s something you actually love to do?

Where do you need to change your perspective?

Lots of love, 


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