Today I wanted to tell you about improving all areas of your life. Because everything is connected.

So when something is pulling you down, it brings the other areas down as well.

Start by taking care of yourself because that’s the only way that you’re able to help those around you, and yourself.

We often leave ourselves for last. That’s how we were educated. We put all other things first: the children, the family, the friends, the cat and the bird. And then, far far away, if there’s still a bit of time left, there’s you…

But that doesn’t work and after some time we’re fed up, we feel like killing somebody and the worst part is that, when we look at what happened, we realize it is our fault.

We’re the ones who said yes again, usually without thinking.

We’re the ones who put the needs and well-being of others ahead of ours, once again.

We’re the ones who abandoned ourselves…

And now we’re having the results!

So one of the first things you need to do to improve every area of ​​your life is to make time for yourself. And make time especially to think about your life.

That’s something I realized recently:

We need space to think. Because if we don’t think about things, we don’t solve anything.

  • Lately I’ve been having a routine of writing my reality and / or journaling every day.
  • I started going to the gym as many times a week as possible.
  • Writing what I’m grateful for, doing things I like, connecting with people I like

I’ve added all that to my list and I’m feeling much more energetic and good about everything.

But one thing I noticed was that I don’t have time to think about my life, my decisions, what is going on around me, the problems I want to solve, etc.

So I started doing more brain dump journaling exercises – where you write everything that goes through your head, all the problems and doubts. And then I answer in writing.

That’s a simple way to think about stuff.

I decided to share this because I was really surprised to notice that I wasn’t thinking about things … so maybe you’re in the same situation and this can help you too ;)

Do you think about your life? Your “problems”? Do you have some method? Then share it in the comments below!


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