Today I wanted to talk about journaling.

Journaling is an awesome way to do lots of things:

  1. You can do a brain dump where you talk about your problems and answer yourself.
  2. And you can ask and receive answers from your higher self and have a new perspective on things. 
  3. You can write your ideal day (and at the same time visualize it). 
  4. You can think about your life, make decisions.
  5. You can understand your triggers, emotions, problems.
  6. You can change negative beliefs
  7. Find out what your version 2.0 would be like.
  8. You can simply write whatever comes to mind and learn more about what’s going on inside
  9. You can write your new beliefs endless times and change the way you think
  10. You can organize your day, decide what actions to take – which ones are the most important – and commit to taking action.
  11. You can talk to yourself, think what would do a person you admire, in your situation …
  12. You can answer several questions that help you grow and learn more about you.

There are lots of things you can do.

Since I started journaling, more than one year ago, I’ve become quite addicted.

I write during the week, practically every day.

I like to write my needs and desires for the day and my actions for the day.

And also answering questions that help me grow and deal with triggers throughout the day to see where they’re coming from and how to change them.

Wanna start journaling?

It’s really easy to start. Just buy a journal, a pen, and start writing :)

Choose the theme you want to focus on from the ones above.

And then just write without editing or thinking.

Write everything that comes up to you, without filters. This is how you get the most authentic answers.

A good exercise is writing your ideal day or ideal life, in which you write everything you desire most in all areas of your life. As you’re writing, imagine yourself in the situations you’re describing.

How to apply it to your image and style?

Journal about your ideal image and style! Here are some prompts you can use (and then try to come up with some more on your own):

In your perfect life, how does your hair look like? And your body and face? What do you usually wear for day to day? What about for events? How do you feel wearing that? What do you tell yourself when you look in the mirror?

P.S. If you want to know more about journaling, check out my journaling course here. I’m starting a new version in March! And we’re talking about beauty, image and style, of course ;)  Xxx

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