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Today I’m going to write about how I see life differently now. How I stopped playing the victim and started to become the heroine of my story.

The heroine doesn’t blame others, she isn’t looking for scapegoats to blame for what “goes wrong” in her life.

She knows that she acts in patterns that make her find similar situations over and over again until she changes how she’s being or acting.

The heroine takes responsibility for her life and her results.

The heroine knows that she’s following the right path when she’s acting in integrity and when she follows her heart. She’s not always asking everyone how to act or what to do.

I’m guilty of doing that many times: thinking that I have to gather all the information so I can make a decision. But many times, when we have lots of doubts, that means that the options are similar in value. So it’s hard to get to a decision by logic alone. So we have to go by intuition, by what we feel and by our heart.

But I digress… ;) going back to the heroin….

The heroine doesn’t wait for the others to tell her to go for it. She knows what she wants, her goal and she acts to achieve it.

Throughout the journey, she overcomes all obstacles and does everything needed to get to where she’s going.

The heroine doesn’t hesitate (at least a lot ;)). She doesn’t stop, thinking if this is what she actually wants, while time passes by and nothing happens.

She’s always acting because she knows that clarity comes through action, that action is what changes things. So she’s always getting closer and closer to her end result.

Finally the heroine doesn’t have boring clothes and spooky hair ;) But seriously, have you seen any movies? ;)

The heroine is in her power and wears powerful clothes and shows who she really is through what she wears and how she looks.

The heroin is above all 100% herself.

She’s not imitating A, B or C. Nor is she trying to go unnoticed.

The heroine doesn’t care about the opinions of others nor does she shape her life to please Greeks and Trojans.

She’is determined, she has a plan (basically a vision), she rolls with the punches, and she keeps going until she gets there.

Yesterday I was watching a bit of Khloé Kardashian’s show, Revenge Body or something.

One of the girls on the program was in full victim mode because she’d been run over by a car and she talked as if the three months she had to be at home in recuperation, were to blame for everything. For the weight she gained, for not getting a job in fashion, for feeling that she didn’t know why that had happened to her.

For me, looking from the outside, it was easy to see the excuses and how the run-down was being used to justify everything that was going wrong. As if it were an excuse to give up, after believing completely that “I don’t know why this happened to me.”

The truth is it doesn’t really matter why, we are alive, things happen, whether we help or not. After they happen, we can take our lesson and move forward. Instead of using it as an excuse to feel more and more victimised and out of control.

Of course I’ve felt victimised many times and I still feel it. It’s easy to talk when it’s not us in the situation ;) And I think it’s great to feel our feelings and talk about them.

But as we start to believe that everything happens for us, it’s simpler to find the lessons we can take from each situation. How does it contribute to being stronger, better, and moving forward. With more strength, courage and determination.

And how does it help us look at the world in a different way?

Being heroines is always within our reach.

We just need to change the way we think, and act like the heroine we are.

She’s always inside. We just choose it.

Who are you going to be today? Who are you going to be now? The victim or the heroine?

Lots of love,

P.S. A great way to be the heroine is to start journaling. By journaling, you know yourself better, you set new visions, you change your life. Check out the journaling course here! We’re starting in March. xxx

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