Today I wanted to tell you’re the one creating your reality.

I think I’ve said it before, but it’s always good to say it again ;).

We often give up and think we’re not good enough for our goals. We think life is showing us that things won’t work for us.

But the truth is that the obstacles that appear aren’t signs that we’re on the wrong path. They can be, but they can also be signs that you need to keep going through the obstacles to get what you want.

When something isn’t going as we want a good question to ask (after we say “I created this” and realize that we create our whole reality) is: “Why did I create this?” And then “What do I want to create instead? ”

For example, the other day I did a personal shopping with a customer who wasn’t the ideal client for me. After asking “Why did I create this?” I answered that it was because I don’t really want to make personal shopping. 

I made that decision some time ago. But then I didn’t respect what my higher self told me. I didn’t trust my intuition. 

I thought maybe it was just a whim, laziness? And after all it’s something people want, so why not? Right? ;) 

And I also realised I created this to be clearer and realize that we actually chose our customers. 

Sometimes I heard other entrepreneurs say that and thought – but how unfriendly, they’re excluding people, so I don’t even feel like talking to them because I’m afraid of being excluded … 

But after this experience I understood it. It’s because some people aren’t a right fit for us. Either because we feel we can’t really help them for one reason or the other (and someone else can help), or because they have an attitude that won’t lead to a successful service. 

It’s like therapists who want to work with people who know they can help and who can have results. But it isn’t interesting to work with a client that we think we can’t help from the get go, and who won’t have results (at least with us).

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Jerry McGuire” but I remembered this scene when I was thinking about this post, LOL:

As for the question: “What do I want to create instead?” – the answer is that I want to create a business with clients I enjoy working with, where doing the services is fun and calm. With people I see I can help have great results. 

And also that I don’t want to do certain types of 1:1 services like a personal shopping or wardrobe remodelling. I want to concentrate on group programs and 1: 1 coaching by phone/skype.

I also realized that I want to create a better defined business, in which I know exactly what I love doing and I only offer that. Where my programs are the best programs, not only for my clientes but also for me and what I want to do the most. 

So I’m glad to be offering the program “Create what you want: Live the life you imagined” because it is a journaling program I love. Journaling is one of the things that most helps me with everything in my life. 

It’s what I now use to organize my day, make decisions about my actions, solve problems, solve triggers, you name it.

I’m thinking about having a few programs this year, and the programs that I like the most. 

In addition to the journaling program I’m promoting now, I’m going to have the Stylish EveryDay style course later during this year. And maybe that’s it (at least in terms of longer programs)! 

Or maybe I’ll change my mind and do more stuff ;). But one thing is for sure: I’m only doing things that I love :)

Now you try it: Think of a situation you don’t want to have in your life right now and answer these questions:

“Why did I create this?”

“What do I want to create instead?”

And on the first question you can go deeper, by asking “what else?”.



P.S. This is one of the journaling exercises I teach on the program: “Create What You Desire: Live the Life You’ve Imagined”.

It’s one of the longest programs I’m going to offer this year! Inside you can get answers to all your doubts.

If you are determined to act to change your life, if there are things that aren’t working and you don’t know why, if you think that you could be more in touch with yourself and your intuition, this program is great for you!

It was through the techniques that I teach you in this program that I have changed many things in my life, including relationships with other people, the way I see myself and my identity, what I believe about the world, about myself, about everything.

I did several journaling and mindset courses with the best coaches, and I still do. Every day I use coaching prompts from a program that I am doing, to evolve and learn more.

Do you want to learn? Are you ambitious? Do you want to evolve? And more important than all: Do you REALLY want to evolve?

See everything and enter here: Create What You Want – Live the Life You Imagined

I did this program because when I was at a point in my life when I really didn’t know what to do, how to move forward, and how I had come to this point of indecision and uncertainty. And also at a time when I felt depressed and without goals … it was through journaling that I changed all this and realized what to do, how to move forward through doubts and uncertainties. And how to get out of depression and have new goals, better than I ever had.

It was at that point, for example, that I decided to start surfing, that I discovered new things important to me that I had never noticed before. That I began to take pleasure in small things like sitting on a bench in the garden eating a bowl of açaí. That I started to live one day at a time and that I began to like my days again.

See everything and enter the program here.


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