Today I wanted to talk about energy.

For a long time I didn’t care a lot about my energy. Then I became more interested but I thought that what gave me energy was sleeping, eating well and exercising. I thought it had more to do with whether or not my body was rested.

Then over time I started learning and listening to people talk about energy leaks and energy vampires and I realized that a very important part of how we feel, if not the most important, is the relationships with the people that surround us and with ourselves.

If you spend the day talking down to yourself, saying how you don’t do enough or how you’re not enough, how can you expect to have any energy?

Imagine a person that every day has someone always following her around, telling her how she sucks … even if she tried to ignore it, it was going to be hard, do you agree?

Especially if that voice is inside her head and keeps saying things, even when she’s distracted. And all the time.

Then there are the times when we argue or when other people bring us down, provoke us, people who seem to be looking for “blood”. (This is a Portuguese expression, I don’t know if it’s used in English but I guess you know what I mean ;))

These are the people we must avoid because they’’ also drain us.

The goal then is to surround ourselves with positive, upbeat people (which doesn’t mean not supporting people who are going through difficult situations. But I’m talking about those people who are always negative for no reason at all and who think that this negativity is an excuse to bring everyone around them down).

And to be super aware of our thoughts about ourselves and our behaviors. And to spend time saying how wonderful we are, and pull ourselves up. It’s about getting new beliefs and ideas that raise our vibration and give us energy. That inspire us.

Another thing to have energy is doing what we love. It’s hard to have energy if you spend your time doing something you hate, do you agree?

Even if it feels good to someone else, if it’s boring, tiring or exhausting for you, well… this word says it all. It will deplete you energy. So spend your time doing things that you like, that you love, that make you feel well and happy.

Happiness gives us energy, having fun gives us energy, being with people who are positive gives us energy. Taking good care of ourselves, doing a massage, sleeping well, eating well, meditating, all give us energy. And especially to be our best friends. Speak well with you, say good things about yourself, see your qualities and how wonderful you are!

All this will make you super energetic and ready to conquer the world.

And when you feel like conquering the world … that’s when miracles happen, when you create your dreams and your potential has no limits.


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