Today I wanted to talk about habits.

I’m trying to change my habits, and I have a lot of new things to add to my life.

I did an excel list with the new habits to add.

And now when I don’t fill out the list, it’s one more thing where I feel I’m failing …

So, no only do I feel I failed because I don’t do all the new habits (which is natural, because there are many, and at the same time), I also fail because I don’t fill the habits sheet. Hahaha

I don’t think that’s the best solution, do you?

After analyzing this situation, I realized why I heard that you should only had one or two habits at a time.

But it seemed to me that it would take a very long time to have new habits. Because if it takes 21 to 30 days to get used to a habit, so I can only add 2 * 12 = 24 new habits a year!

Well, now that I’ve done the math it doesn’t look that bad ;)

And what habits am I implementing?

One is to make daily videos, another is to write every day, another is to do an audio per week, meditate every single day (including weekends), etc.

I think I’ll choose 2 habits and do just these two. That way  I can succeed not only with the new habits but also with the habits sheet :)

This idea of ​​having new habits comes from realizing that habits make a big difference. Because the small actions daily actions also define our results.

So here’s a good question to journal about:

Which two new habits will make the most difference in my life now?

After you respond, do it for 21 to 30 days. And you create new habits!

And when it’s a habit, it becomes easy :)



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