Today I wanted to talk to you about doing what you say you’re going to do.

I realized that sometimes I don’t do that, especially with what I say to myself.

Many times we decide to do something and then we go back and we start having doubts and we hesitate. I already talked about that here.

That’s my pattern. For example with architecture: for years that’s been a thing that I love and for a long time I talked about how I wanted to take the course. But then I end up doubting myself and I don’t do anything about it …

Last year I applied to the Lisbon’s Faculty of Architecture but I didn’t enter (I was a bit too confident and didn’t try other faculties). So I decided to take an interior design course at the Lisbon School of Design. I started last Friday, YAY :) I’ll see later about the architecture course but I wanted to start doing something right now.

Another thing I hesitate about is my online business. I make decisions and then halfway, I start losing my enthusiasm. The day happens and I’m not so happy or energetic anymore. And then I let it go and I don’t make things happen …

It’s a pattern of not keeping my word to me.

In the book The Four Agreements, one of them is being impeccable with your word. And that also means always doing what you say to yourself you’re going to do.

What we do sometimes: hesitate, go back, stop.

In my case, I don’t give up, but I take breaks.

If after I have decided I went forward and actually did what I said I’d do … then I wouldn’t hesitate, or go back, I would gain momentum ;) And make things happen!

But as soon as I start going forward, I begin to think (and when we’re thinking too much, it’s not good because we’re in ego ;)):

Is this worth it? Is this what I really want? Do angels exist ???? ;)

I think we have to stop asking, take the decisions we make when we’re at our best and then go forward with them.

And when the ego, the voice of fear that wants to keep you in your comfort zone comes … don’t pay much attention, say thank you but no thanks, and continue with your vision for your life.

In the comments below tell me:

What decisions did you make several times and then went back and hesitated?

Maybe it’s time to continue without stopping because of fear …



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