Today was one of those days where I woke up feeling tired and like I didn’t want to do anything at all. 

Can you relate?

I didn’t have any motivation, I wasn’t feeling very well, and I just wanted to stay home.

That’s the disadvantage of being your own boss. If you don’t want to, you can rest instead of working. So we’re the ones that have to decide and keep going, no matter what happens. If we let our emotions take control of the situation, it’s game over ;)

But I have a secret weapon (or not so secret;)) for these days, which is to journal.

I made a decision some time ago and because every once in a while I feel depressed, tired or down, without a special reason. My decision is that a day where I only do mindset work (which includes journaling, meditation, visualization, etc.), is a good day. Then, as I begin to do the mindset work, I start to feel better. And then I start doing my usual tasks.

Today I’ve done pages and pages of journaling. In fact I spent the whole morning doing it. I wrote several new beliefs, wrote my ideal day, wrote what I want to have in my life. And after some time, as I wrote, I started to feel happier and better.

Here are some examples of the affirmations I wrote:

  • I’m always on the right track.
  • My thoughts, plans and ideas lead me to what I desire
  • I trust myself and I know that my intuition is my guide
  • I’m confident and optimistic.
  • I succeed by helping others succeed
  • I wake up to the best job in the world
  • I am in complete control of my life and business
  • I feel completely at peace
  • I am energy
  • My hair is shiny and beautiful and my body is fit and strong
  • I love to look at myself in the mirror every day
  • I have zero pressure because I know that everything is happening for me.
  • Everything is perfect now
  • I feel alive now
  • I’m healthy, calm, happy, now.
  • The more fun I have, the more my business grows and the more money I earn
  • I manifest all my wishes now
  • I feel totally at peace in this moment
  • Everything is easy. I feel totally in flow.
  • I have all the time in the world. There’s no hurry at all.
  • I’m unstoppable.
  • I’m super energetic
  • I feel inspired at all times
  • Etc.

After writing lots of these affirmations, with what I want and what I realize is important to me, it’s hard to feel bad right?

So here’s an exercise to feel better too:

Write a series of beliefs or affirmations, describing how you want your life to be. And what’s important to you.

For example if you want to be stylish and improve your image, you can write:

  • I always look stylish and have amazing outfits
  • My body is fit and lean.
  • My hair is shiny and beautiful

Write at least one page of these statements and you’ll see that you’ll start feeling better, plus you’re saying to yourself how you want things to be from now on.



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