“Inspired ideas come from inspired surroundings”

This is a phrase I heard today on a podcast, from Rob Murgatroyd.

He was talking about how when he’s traveling, and he’s in Greece, for example, he has the best ideas.

And it made me realize how true that is.

🤩 How much more inspired and happy and joyful I feel when I’m traveling and visiting a new country.
🤩 Or when I’m dining in a beautiful restaurant.
🤩 Or when I am in an amazing hotel or staring at an amazing sunset.

I love being in beautiful spaces and I feel my best when I’m there.

I think that’s why our house is so important. The place where we live, where we spend so much time, is really important to make us feel our best.

And when we feel our best we also think better and act better right?

I just decided also that I want to travel more. There are some countries I want to visit like Greece, Italy, Monaco (also inspired by Rob ;)). And Bali. Showing Macau to my kids. And this Summer we’re starting by going to New York.

But I don’t think we need to go abroad to have inspired surroundings.

Nature is super inspiring. There are places next to us that are super inspiring. You just need to find them.

And also to start looking for them, or you’ll never know where they are ;)

And then, when you have to make a decision about where to go, choose the most inspiring place.

You also don’t need to spend a lot to go somewhere inspiring.

Making a picnic near the river, going to a museum, having a coffee in the best hotel in town. The possibilities are endless.
And you can start at your house also.

What can you do to make it more comfortable, more beautiful?

Sometimes it’s not about adding more things, it’s about taking out the things that you don’t like. I’ve been doing that at my house.

If you don’t know, I’m taking a course about interior design for local renting. And now that I learned about the decoration styles, I’m making my house more Zen. So I feel more calm and grounded there.

That means I’m taking out all the very colourful and sometimes messy things I add, and making it all more in neutral tones like beige, grey, white… it may sound boring but the truth is I felt instantly calmer there.

Our environment is so important that many times it’s one of the pieces of your wheel of life. If you don’t know that coaching exercise, it’s about scoring yourself in 6 to 8 areas of your life, and seeing if things are balanced. Because a balanced life is what makes us happier ;)

So what can you do to change your environment?

✨ Where can you go during the weekend?

✨ On your next vacation?

✨ What can you change in your house?

Make a list, and start doing it! And share it in the comments below, it will help inspire me and other women!

Lots of love,


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