This Saturday I was at a fitness class and I couldn’t stop looking at a girl that was there.

She was wearing navy blue cropped leggings, a short green tank and colourful sneakers. She had a great tan and her body wasn’t too slim but she didn’t mind wearing a short top anyway.

She made me think of the beach, a healthy life maybe because of her body and how tanned she looked. She also made me think of a fun life, where style is important and an abundant life where you get the nice things you want (instead of the same boring uniforms). 

I think I liked to look at her because she embodied so many things I want for me: be tanned because I’m always at the beach and spend a lot of time outside, have a strong fit body even if it isn’t perfect, have a fun easy style that isn’t too much but it’s different and makes me feel inspired. Also be healthy and upbeat. And feeling free to go after what I want and like.

It’s good to model other people. They can show us what’s already in us, but that we can’t see yet.

We all have a shadow self. Our shadow is the part of us that we disowned, that we don’t want other people to know about. It’s a part of us we sometimes find unforgivable. 

And a part of that shadow is also good things.

Maybe your mother used to ask you why did you spend so much time looking at the mirror. Why did you care so much about clothes? Maybe you thought that to be loved you needed to hide those desires deep within yourself. And then you stopped caring about looking at the mirror and buying new clothes. Maybe you even started to find that unacceptable, both in you and in other people around you. 

But then someone comes that is owning that part of themselves. Who isn’t afraid to look in the mirror or buy new clothes. Who just loves to do that and does it naturally. And in her you see the parts of you that you don’t dare to see in yourself. 

That’s why you can’t take your eyes of her ;)

Because deep down you know you also have that within you, and you want to evolve to the next level. Where you can be all that you are. Where you can be at your best!

So next time you notice someone you admire, think about it: what parts of her do you want to embody too? 

Lots of love,


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