I realised something the other day.

I was thinking about improving my relationship and I realised I’ve been asking for my ideal and what I want: a relationship where we love each other, respect each other, are there for each other. Where we have lots of fun and feel cherished. Where we spend amazing days together. 

But I’ve been waiting for it to happen to me. When in reality I can only ask: What would the person who has this relationship do? 

Because I can’t change other people, I can only change me. I can only work with myself. 

I realised that this person, this next level me would be loving, kind, respectful. She would focus on being her best self in her relationship, instead of waiting and wanting for the other person to do it. She would take the initiative because it’s just who she is.

💥 As for your image and style, the same thing applies 💥

Are you wanting to change your image and style and waiting for things to happen to you?

Do you say you want to be more stylish, to look better, and then wait for it to happen on its own?

It will never happen then.

It will happen when you are the person who does the things that make you stylish and looking good.

So what would that person do?

👑 Would she complain that she doesn’t love her hair or would she take care of it?

👑 Would she complain she doesn’t know how to make an outfit that looks good or would she take steps to learn how to do it?

👑 Would she eat whatever she wants and sleep 5 hours per day or would she eat healthy food and sleep eight hours so she looks (and feels) good?

It all comes down to what you do. 

Because you only have power over yourself. 

And that is all you need. 

Along with taking responsibility for your results!

So let me know: What is one thing that the version of you who is stylish and looks amazing would do? What is the one thing that would make the most difference in your image and style, if you started doing it?

Lots of love,

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