Do you get discouraged by things because they look impossible? Do you give up right away because it just “can’t happen for you”? 

I heard this phrase the other day and I loved it. Because it inspired me to look at what feels impossible or hard, in this moment. And see it has done!!! Totally done!

For example, I’ve been working on putting my e-book on Amazon. It has a series of steps and to tell you the truth, I don’t feel like doing them. They are a bit boring, a bit uncreative, a bit of a long to do list…. So I keep postponing it. And as I postpone it, it starts to feel less likely that I’ll do it. I start to feel that it’ll never be done… you know?

That was how I was feeling about it last week, but this week I already took the next step on my to do list. And I immediately started to feel it’s more possible ;)

When did this happen to you? When did something that felt impossible, turned out to be totally possible and appeared just like that, in your life?

I was thinking about it today, and I couldn’t find anything. I just kept thinking – no, this thing, I really believed it was possible, this other thing too. Yeah, I felt it was possible because if I didn’t, I’d never would have done it, right?

But then I was trying to do a live stream explaining this, and I realised it isn’t true. Because there were moments when it felt impossible. 

Like when we bought our house in Expo. We thought it was the best place for us, and we went to see the new buildings that were starting construction in the area. But everything was really expensive so we gave it up. We ended up buying a house in another place, completely different. But we talked about the zone with everyone and how amazing it was going to be, including my parents.

Then, one to two years later, my parents had the opportunity to buy a house there, and they asked us if we also wanted to enter and buy one for us, in the same building. They would help with the initial investment and we would do the monthly payments from then on. And so it was. We ended up with a great house in Expo, that I loved, even after I had given up on the idea 

And I could give you more examples.

So yes, I truly realised that it can feel impossible, but even so, it can totally be done! 💃💃💃

What are your examples of this? What are your stories? When you think about it, you’ll discover that you also created many things that seemed impossible… and more will come :)



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