One of my current biggest challenges is how to have more productive time. I feel I’ve been wasting a lot of time:

⌚️On trips,

⌚️On learning (because I love to learn and I always go to that when I’m not feeling like it…),

⌚️On making decisions – day to day decisions, big decisions, ….

So I’ve been working on having more of a schedule.

Here’s the interesting thing: I used to hate schedules, to have to do certain things at a certain time. Now I just want my days planned from top to bottom. Every freaking hour. Because when I don’t, I spend hours making decisions – where should I go next? Where am I having lunch? What will I focus on today? So more time wasted and more indecision.

Lately I don’t want indecision, I just want to be decisive ;)

So I enrolled in a course to teach me how to be more productive and I already made some key decisions that I know will make all the difference.

Here they are:

💥 I’m going to work at least 3 to 4 hours in the morning, before 11 am. I used to spend a lot of time journaling, learning and doing other things. Now I’m going to use this prime time in the morning to do the 3 most important things for the day. The things that will make the most difference in my life and business. And I’ll do the mindset in one hour max.

💥 I’ll have time for learning every day, but it will be at the end of the day (probably at 6 pm).

💥 In the afternoon I’ll do all the tasks that aren’t creative or that are easier to do.

I hope this will make a huge difference in my productivity that lately as been really blah.

What about you? How are you more productive?I’d love to know your tricks and ideas!!!!

Love, Lena*

P.S. One of my main business activities is selling because, of course, if I don’t sell, I won’t be able to help as many people. Because no one will know what I have to offer and how they can improve!!! So, if you want to transform your image and style, check out my e-book: “7 Steps to Fantastic Style” – 😍😍😍 xxx

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