What are your habits about your image and style?

Habits really make all the difference because they are automatic, and they don’t cost us.

If you have great habits about your style, like taking care of your hair, choosing a beautiful outfit instead of putting on the first thing that you see in your closet. If you put looking and feeling beautiful first, you will improve your image and style.

And the simplest way to improve your image and style daily, is by changing your daily habits about it.

So what are you doing daily about your image?

How do you take care of your hair? Of your face? Do you wear makeup? Do you use moisturiser? Do you eat healthy foods and exercise? Do you strive to look your best?

 What about your style?

Do you take care in choosing your outfit? Do you buy new clothes that excite you? Or do you wear always the same? Do you invest in your style? Do you make time for learning more about it?

What you do makes the difference. Your habits make the most difference because it’s what you do every day, every week or every month.

Here are some habits I want to implement about my image and style (because of course I’m not at my ideal goal yet, we never are really because when we reach a goal we set another one right? And that’s good):

🤩 Wearing makeup every day

🤩 Going shopping more often – I’ve been investing a lot of money on self-development and too little in new clothes that I love

🤩 Choosing different outfits instead of always going for the same kind of look – jeans or pants.

🤩 Entering new looks into my CYOU style app every day – I always learn a lot about style from that one action

🤩 Going to the hairdresser every week

What about you?

What habit can you start implementing today that will make the most difference in your image and style?

I love you!


P.S. Want to know how to stick with the new habit? How to make it just who you are? Then send me a PM or an email to lena@lenapenteado.com or just hit reply to this email. I’m thinking about doing a quick training about how to create new habits, if that’s something that interests you.

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