I’ve been talking about going to the beach as much as I can for a few years now. But then I end up not doing it because it’s a 40 minutes ride to the beach.

The funny thing is I have a fluvial beach 5 minutes from my house. But I almost never went there for the last 8 years, because I decided in my mind that it wasn’t a proper beach. Because it had no ocean. And no waves. And I couldn’t swim.

But the truth is that I usually don’t swim on the other beaches too, because the water is too cold. I just love staying in the sand and catching some sun. And looking at the water. Which are things I can do perfectly on the beach near my house.

So I was quite mad really, because of all the time I wasted not going to the beach near my house, that was right there all the time. Just because of the perspective I had in my mind…

So what about you?

✨ What is a perspective, a thought, that isn’t serving you?

✨  What is right there, in front of you, a thing that you really want but you’re just not seeing it?

I’d love to know!

Lots of love,

Lena* 💋

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