So today I wanted to tell you about my “new” doubts.

Yes, doubts are one thing that also keep coming back to me. 

As soon as things don’t go my way, I start doubting. As soon as hard times arise, I start doubting…

After all, shouldn’t it all be ease and flow and everything going exactly as planned?

Isn’t that the ideal life?

Isn’t that what I signed up for?

Isn’t that what I deserve or even what I’m entitled to?

And if not, why not?

Why do others seem to have it so easy and it’s not easy for me?

Surely it’s because I’m doing the wrong thing. Or I’m on the wrong path and I just don’t know what I’m doing…

We all had (I think) those times when things just flow.

Like when I had my kids. Things just happened but everything was good.

They came and they came exactly like I wanted: a boy, a girl, another boy.

Things just were evolving normally, as I was expecting them too.

But the truth is that I was ignoring some problems already manifesting that time. I probably just brushed them to the side, you know? They weren’t combining with the rest of my ideal life I was living at the moment. They just didn’t compute into my ideal life. So I chose to ignore them.

So yeah, things don’t just flow all the time.

There are blocks. There are things and stuff that happens.

And that isn’t a sign that all things are bad. That’s just a sign of an inner block.

Something inside that needs our attention.

So we need to look inside instead of blaming it on our decisions, our strategies, our thinking.

We need to look inside because what we see outside is what we create inside.

I have a hard time incorporating this into my life. I know it, I think about it, but I have a hard time changing my thoughts.

My habit many times by now is to think the worst, to expect the worst, instead of thinking the best and expecting the best.

And this can go on for days. Which of course doesn’t help me at all with my business or with my life or with anything….

Now I’m working hard on changing that habit.

The habit of thinking the pessimistic thoughts. The habit of feeling like the victim of the outside circumstances. The habit of letting my ego take all my power away. 

It’s too much feeling I guess. I just feel too much maybe… do you feel the same way sometimes?

Or are you just one of those girls that are usually happy and high-vibe and everything is going well for you?

I’m working to be that girl. That is my vision. I so want to get there. 

But there are days that it feels impossible. For a whole day, or days, or maybe for just a few hours. And then I can be her again.

And everything is amazing. And life is full of possibilities. And I know that anything can happen.

I guess that the real challenge is to be able to be that girl every day, because we all have her inside. She has always been there.

What can you do to call her in?

I guess, do more of what you love. And ask her – ask your higher self – what do you need?

Lots of love,


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