Do you usually doubt yourself?

Do you tend to have a hard time to make decisions?

I know I’m a Libra and that’s also a reason to have a hard time making decisions but I think that’s not the only reason I struggle a lot with making decisions in my life.

One reason is that I was taught from a young age that my parents (especially my father) were the ones who had all the answers. He knew better. So I learned to not trust myself… I learned that I didn’t know enough to decide for myself, that I couldn’t trust myself…

Here’s a phrase I love from “50 Tips to Make Your Kids Happier”:

“Let children solve their problems by themselves. Avoid giving solutions. That’s the only way they can learn from their mistakes and grow with their successes”

I would also say that to myself now. And to all adults that don’t trust in themselves, doubt themselves or have a hard time making decisions:

Solve your problems by yourself. Avoid asking for opinions/solutions. That way you can learn from your mistakes and grow with your successes!

I’m that kind of person that asks everyone about their opinion. Sometimes I even can’t decide about what to eat. I spend a lot of time making decisions and that’s why now I strive to have everything planned beforehand. 

But lately something has been changing. ✨✨✨

Lately I get a nudge, a hint to do something, and I actually listen to it!!!

And that helps me decide in a heartbeat!

For example, I’m doing a lot of courses and reading a lot of books right now. I love learning and I’m always buying new courses and books about self-development, business, mindset, money, style, whatever. And I used to try to organize everything because I would start to feel overwhelmed about all the things I had going on.

So I’d say – first I’ll do this course, then I’ll do this one. And sometimes that makes sense, if the course is going on live, I have to do it first, of course… 

But the thing is, lately I just have this image in my mind and this idea: let’s do this course now. Or let’s read this book now. And I just follow that. 

I just go with what this moment is for. 

I just listen to myself, my intuition. 

And it makes everything so much simpler. 

I don’t need to organize my 10 courses and 20 books. I just need to listen to the next step that my intuition, my higher self or higher mind is pointing out to me. 

It’s so simple and effective!!! I’m loving it.

So that’s my suggestion to you.

To trust yourself more, start listening to your intuition. To those nudges that come from time to time.

And I know that’s not easy. Especially if you’re not used to listen to your intuition or if you’re used to doubt yourself. Because after that idea comes into your mind, like: “read this now”, you immediately go: “But I have this other thing to do that is more important now” or something like that. 

You have to know that the first guidance, the thing that comes to you naturally and feels good and right, is your intuition. What comes after, the doubt, the judgement, is your ego.

Your ego wants to do things like you’ve always done. It wants to make sure your survive and since you survived until now doing things a certain way – like not listening to your intuition and not trusting yourself – it thinks that’s the best way. 

But when you know this, you can start going with that first idea, that first nudge, without questioning it. And if the doubt comes, you can go – ok, thanks so much but I’m doing this anyway… 

And then you can “learn from your mistakes and grow with your successes”, much quicker. 

You can start to trust yourself and know that you have all the answers and solutions inside of you, right now.

Then you can quantum leap forward :)

Lots of love,

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