So here’s a thing that maybe happens to you…

Everything seems to be going normally but then something happens. When that happens, another things happens and it starts to be more complicated. Then another thing happens and so on.

Like for example this past week. I’m thinking this is also a belief I have, that when things get complicated, everything starts to happen at the same time. Shit just piles on.

It’s the old Murphy’s Law that I learned in computer engineering: “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.

But I want to change this belief so I don’t feel this way because it’s exhausting. 

Maybe the problem is you’re just focusing on the negative things, because now you’re negative. And so you keep seeing more negative things. And things start to look more and more negative.

This past week my son got ill, then he had a test and missed all the classes and tutoring and he ended up also skipping the test. At the same time, my daughter had the last projects to deliver in her school. In the same week we had to move some things from our house to Tomar and in that weekend, my son asked to invite a friend to go with him (and we said yes!). At the last minute before going on that trip, my daughter remembered she needed some paints, of a specific brand that we had to get on the other side of town. And more things like this…

It came a time when I was just feeling the caos. It’s like things keep coming at me, from one side and the other. And I’m just there, in the eye of the hurricane, looking at all the caos and thinking: what the hell is happening now??????

It’s infuriating, don’t you agree?

But it also got me thinking – I need to sit with the caos. Like my sister told me the other day.

This feeling of things being chaotic is something that is with me a lot! 

Does that happen to you?

Being out of control. 

Do you strive to be in control? 

Do you feel overwhelmed when things don’t go the way you predicted? 

Do you get angry, frustrated, about it?

This weekend I also told my kids, because they were throwing a tantrum (each one at a different time), about something that wasn’t going like they wanted: “Now that I’m finally learning to embrace the caos of life, to accept that things rarely go as predicted and that stuff just happens, I’m not going to start hearing you complain about it!”

So, yeah.

Embracing caos. Letting go of control. Sitting with the caos. With the overwhelm.

Knowing it is normal, it’s part of life and we can just surrender, let go, and be at the center of the hurricane, where everything is calm. Watching things happening but not going for the ride. Just being calm in the middle of the confusion, of the caos.

Do you think you can do that?

I’m certainly starting to do it sometimes ;)

Lots of love,

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P.P.S. I just reread the post and it felt a bit… chaotic hahaha. I hope it makes sense to you, if you needed to hear it ;)

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