Everyone tells me I need to be a leader, to step into a leader, if I want to make an impact and have a following.

I need to lead, not follow others. Do things differently.

At the same time, I’m supposed to model others also, the ones that are already doing what I’d like to do.

So yeah, there’s that.

Initially I hated to hear that I needed to be a leader. I always hated everything that people tell me I NEED to do ;) So maybe that’s being a leader right there… ;)

I also thought: “I don’t want to be a leader.” What does that mean anyway? What is this obsession everyone has with being a leader and with leaders? I also don’t like to do what everybody does. In fact, when my kids tell me that I should do something because that’s what “normal” people do, I just feel like doing the exact opposite of that, even more ;)

Like with the dinner hour: “But mom, everybody has dinner at 8h30pm. Why do you want to have dinner at 7pm?”. Me: “Well, I don’t do what everyone does. I do what I feel is the best for me and my family. And if you tell me that’s what everyone does, there’s one more reason for me not to do it.”

Yes, I guess I’m triggered by being a leader AND being a follower, in many ways. On one hand, I hated the idea of being a leader, on the other hand, I hated the idea of being a follower.

I’m making peace with the idea that I can learn something from being a leader, without hating it. I can learn something from being a follower, without hating it. And I can be whatever I want, without having to have a label for it.

What about if I’m just me?

Lots of love,

P.S. Wanna start creating the life of your dreams? You can have anything you want. And the best way is by doing this simple thing. xxx

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