Today I want to tell you about doing what you love.

I never thought about going to Germany but I went there to a business VIP day which I really loved. It was great talking with other women on the same path that I am. The path of building my own business, and specifically my own online business.

Nobody told me it would be this hard to do it. That there would be so many things to learn, so many things to understand and so much self-development to make.

Nobody told me that I’d have to learn all the strategies before I understood that the strategy doesn’t matter that much… because I need to find my own, or the ones that are better for me, instead of going after each and every new thing that comes about.

On the other hand, nobody told me that there’d be new strategies coming left and right, all the time, and that I’d need to keep up to date with all the new stuff. Is this the new thing? The new social media channel? When I started my business, 6 years ago, we were talking about twitter and facebook. Now it’s instagram and instastories… on the way was snapchat and webinars and all the new stuff that people use for their business.

So, yes, nobody told me any of this.

Especially, nobody told me that I’d have to make decisions all the time, about the tiniest little things like what name to choose for my site, my program, my post? What price for my programs? What are my soulmate clients? What should I do next? What technology to use, what strategy? What what what?

I hate making decisions and so I tried to learn with the best. What was the best way to price things? How to decide? What is the best way to find a name, how to do headlines, how to choose a title, the right title? What are the strategies that everybody is using? What gives the best results? Where should I invest my time, my wisdom, my money? Where where where?

Then there was the launching part: How to do the best launch? How to get new clients? How to sell (that in itself is a theme that could take up all my time and life)? How to get people in my programs? How to make them like it? How to make sure they get results? How to ask for testimonials? How how how?

And at last, after maybe four years, it all became too much. After investing thousands of dollars and months on learning all the new strategies and ways of doing business I realized I just couldn’t do that anymore.

I was sick and tired of learning about business. I was sick and tired of doing launches that made me feel sick and tired ;) I was sick and tired of trying and investing in the latest strategy and realise it just didn’t work in the way I was expecting it to.

I was sick and tired of thinking how to make money in my business and trying new things. New pricings, new programs, new sales strategies.

I was sick and tired of all the strategy.

I realized also that I just couldn’t do it anymore, not the way I’d been doing it till then. I just couldn’t do it because it wasn’t sustainable for me. It just made me feel bad about the whole thing: the business, my ideas, what I was doing every day.

I needed to change and what is coming to me now is what one business coach told me one day: “First of all you need to believe you can do it, or it will never work.”

Of course, I knew that.

In the past, I’d just kept going and trying new strategies without really caring about what I was thinking. Without really noticing what was going on in my mind and what I was feeling. I just kept doing, doing, doing and as long as I was busy, I should be making progress right? Well, some progress of course, but not in the level that I was expecting.

I also realized I just couldn’t stand someone telling me about another strategy. By now, I felt I already knew all the strategies. I already knew how to sell, how to do an opt-in, create a program, do a headline, create a funnel, a facebook add. I just didn’t learn about webinars because when they appeared I was too scared to do them, and later on I was too aware to learn about something that just didn’t interest me that much.

I’d tried learning about all the things with the best people. I did the same exercises in different ways. I tried it all. And I was sick and tired of it.

That’s when I was finally ready to listen to the women who were teaching different stuff. The women who were saying that you have to journal everyday. That mindset is the most important thing.

It took me 4 years of running after the latest strategy to realize this.

I hope this post helps you get there quicker.

I was ready to believe that other things were possible. I was ready to see that hard work isn’t the answer – I had tried hard work and it didn’t give me the results I wanted.

I was ready to see that I could do things MY WAY – I had tried all the other ways and I couldn’t stand it not even for one more second. I was ready to listen to people who told me that I could be successful being ME.

And I was also ready to understand that money isn’t motivation enough. That setting money goals wasn’t taking me there. That I needed to focus on love and connection and helping others and people around me, if I wanted to have motivation to do anything at all.

When you’re frustrated and down, when nothing is working out like you want it to, when you’re feeling really low and that you can’t get there… when you REALLY need motivation because sometimes you don’t believe anything at all anymore…

That’s when you start looking around and thinking: What have I been doing really? What is the purpose of all this? What do I really want? What will make me jump out of bed in the morning ready to work on all things and do all the things?

The answer is helping others because you’re more motivated by thinking about helping others then yourself.

And until you understand all of this, nothing will be enough.

Nothing will work just like you want it. You won’t feel that motivated. A lot of things will stop you.

That was how it worked for me, at least…

What made the difference was realizing that the only way is the sustainable way. The only way is the way that makes me happy now, and that makes me feel great now, and that I can do every day while while also taking care of myself. What we’re building now, is what we’ll have to keep up with later.

So what are you building in your life? Is it something that is sustainable, that you know makes you happy in the long run? That you can keep up with FOREVER? That sustains you, that leaves you time for all the areas of your life? That leaves you plenty of time to take care of yourself?

If not, time to go to the blackboard and make a new plan :)

Lots of love,

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