Today I realized that I have this story that I’m in danger.


I guess that’s part of where the anxiety I feel comes from…

I’ve been learning about stories.

We all have these stories. These stories your mind tells you, about who you are, what you can do, what is available to you…

Stories about who you can marry or date, how much money you can make, how beautiful you are. How successful you can be.

We all carry these God damn awful stories about ourselves.

And one that is with me a lot is: “I’m in danger”.

Of course, I don’t think about it exactly like that. My mind doesn’t tell me: “You’re in danger”.

But it does tell me: “That is too risky. You shouldn’t do that. What are you doing? Are you completely out of your mind? Is that sensible? Is that logical? Is that something an intelligent person would do?” and so on.

I bet your mind tells you many things like that. Making you feel you’re not safe. Making you feel the world out there is dangerous.

But you are safe.

I am safe.

We are ok.

I want to feel that feeling of peace, of everything being in the right place. Of being completely and utterly at peace.

That feeling I get when I’m looking at a calm lake, or when I’m so sleepy, I go to bed and I can finally sleep. Or when I’m watching my kids do something fun, or talking with friends, just enjoying life.

In those moments I’m completely there. I’m completely present. I’m completely at peace. And I feel completely safe.

Life is made of moments. I used to “photograph” (in my mind) a moment I felt happy, without really knowing why I felt that way.

Now I think that those moments of pure happiness and peace happen more and more when we’re completely present, just enjoying the moment (no pesky thoughts throwing it all away).

What are some of those moments for you? When do you feel the most safe? And what stories are you ready to let go of?

Lots of love,

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