Sometimes we forget about this.

The work is the reward. The pain is a good pain.

My grandmother used to say: “Everything worthwhile takes work.”

It’s a saying we have here in Portugal.

But does it mean that you have to work hard, and lots of hours, to do something worthwhile?

No, I don’t believe that. But I do believe that without any work, without action, nothings happens. NOTHING!!!

Of course, action is the great equalizer (I just felt like saying that ;)) But it’s true. Because when we act, we create what we want.

For example, when you go to the gym, it’s work. It’s painful sometimes. But it’s also worthwhile. It makes a lot of difference. It’s good for you in a lot of ways.

The same thing happens with working, in your career. Doing what you love.

I’ve been realizing that although I love writing, it’s also painful sometimes. It’s painful when I don’t feel like sitting down to write, because I think I don’t have anything to say in that moment. Or that it won’t make a difference.

It’s painful to go through the resistance that comes to writing. And then, when we sit down and do it anyway, then it becomes worthwhile.

It becomes meaningful for us. And for others. We acted, we did something, we changed the world.

Changing the world doesn’t take a lot. You can change the world every day, and you do change it. With each action you take.

So, yes, the work is the reward.

If you exercise just to get the results, you probably won’t do it for long… it’s not motivation enough. But if you do it because you love it, if you know that it will feel amazing in the beginning or in the middle or even just in the end? That’s different.

If you write just to get the results, whatever they are – writing a book, selling something, influencing someone… it won’t be motivation enough. But if you do it because you love it, if you know that it will feel amazing? You’ll want to do it.

So I agree with my grandmother: “Everything worthwile takes effort”. It doesn’t take a big, exausthing effort (although sometimes it might be). It takes a consistent, committed, even if it seems small, effort.

So, what effort do you know you should be making? What’s something worthwhile to you?

Lots of love,

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