Today I wanted to talk about never giving up…

That’s something I usually do – I never give up.

Even when things are going wrong, I keep going. Even if everything seems to be ending in one day, in the next day, I dust myself off and I begin again.

Why am I this way? I don’t have the faintest idea…

Do you feel the same way?

Of course that not giving up isn’t always the answer. Because maybe sometimes we should give up ;) And maybe you could give up faster and start something better and new.

I’ve been learning about creating space. Creating space for the things we want.

And to have that space we have to let go the ones we don’t want. And be in the void. That’s the hard part probably.

I’m also learning about surrendering, but the true kind. About believing that what we want, if we are sure of it, is coming to us. And we just need to do what we know is right, and wait. Act and wait. But with a spirit of detachment from what we want. You really don’t care if the thing comes or not.

And that means not caring for real… it’s not saying: “I don’t care, I can live in that house, in that place, or in the one I live now.” But deep down you know perfectly that you do care ;) And you even hate not getting what you want…

Now I want to practice that kind of surrender. Giving myself to life. Being happy with whatever comes, although I have my dreams and goals and I act to reach them. Because many times we don’t now what’s best for us and we get what we need, not what we want.

But going back to making decisions and never giving up… it can be an advantage and a disadvantage. There are times we need to know that it’s time to stop, evaluate the situation, and letting go of one thing to get another.

So, what are you going to let go? What do you know it’s time to stop?

You can answer these questions for every area of your life. 

For example, about your image and style:

What do you need to let go? Maybe it’s those clothes that you hold on to because you have an emotional connection to them.

Maybe it’s stop trying to look stylish with an energy of “I need to take care of this”, and going to an energy of “I know I’m going to solve this, I just need to keep acting calmly and be happy with what I have right now.” – And actually be happy :)

If it’s about money:

What do you have to let go? Maybe it’s buying certain things on impulse, what you exaggerate about, a thing you started just to try it, and now you’re paying every month?

And maybe it’s time to stop spending all your money without saving something every month, so you can invest later.

For sure, we should give up what isn’t helping us in our life right? But as you probably already know, sometimes that’s not that easy. What’s helping you and what isn’t? If you take a real look at it, and tell the truth to yourself, you’ll get the answer. And then the next step becomes easier… and clearer!

Lots of love,


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