So today I want to tell you about being here in Tomar.

I’ve been coming here since I was little, this is after all my grandparent’s house.

It’s very different from what it was initially, at least the common areas, that my parents remodeled some years ago.

The rooms are pratically the same though.

I love everything here.

I love the grass, the trees, the flowers. I love that we can eat all the fruit we want and that more keeps coming from the trees. I love to take home kilos and kilos of fruit and eating it just after picking it up from the tree.

I love that we have a boat nearby, in the damn, and that we do ski and wakeboard. I love being in the boat, the waves, being surronded by water. I love that we taught our kids how to ski since they were pretty little. And I love to ski.

I love the big Buganvilia that my grandmother planted for my father and it’s absolutely beautiful. I love my grandmother’s roses. I love the big grass field right in front of the house, an idea of my mother.

I love the big house with lots of space and living rooms and I love the firewall that actually works so well and keeps us super warm in Winter.

I especially love how I felt loved here, by my granparent’s and family and friends that always came with us.

All the good times we had here. When I get here I feel calmer and relaxed and happy.

I love being surronded by nature and in nature all the time.

And I could keep going on about all the things I love here, but I guess you get the picture :)

Once I did a meditation where I had to imagine my safe place. A place where I felt calm, relaxed and safe. I closed my eyes, expecting to be in a paradisiac beach somewhere with crystal clear water, white sand and lots of palm trees.

And suddenly here I was, next to my grandma, watching the sunset on the stairs where we used to seat and talk with each other. That was my safe, relaxing place.

What about you? Where is your safe, relaxing place? Where do you love to go? Where do you love to be?

Lots of love,

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