Today I want to tell you about inclusion.

About including everyone, and excluding no one.

I’ve felt excluded many times in my life.

For starters, I’m a woman.

That in itself is exclusion from a LOT. I’ve felt excluded from being powerful, capable, confident. Excluded from being able to decide what I want for my life.

I felt excluded from the best of society, excluded from greatness, excluded from being able to do anything I want. 

I felt excluded from being myself, from pleasing myself, from putting myself first.

Just because I’m a woman, I felt automatically excluded and inferior.

Then I was excluded in school. When I went to Macau, I was bullied and I felt excluded from the popular group, from support, from even being treated with basic respect.

I felt excluded many times before, maybe my own stories acting and making me feel excluded when I really wasn’t.

I feared being excluded many times.

It’s because I know how it feels to be excluded that I thought about doing this post.

To remind you that you should be included in everything.

That you are included in everything. Everything that matters to you anyway.

You can exclude yourself but no one can exclude you if you don’t let it.

If you backup yourself, if you’re there for yourself, if you stand up for yourself. 

It’s not easy sometimes, to include everyone.

Society is judgmental, our egos are judgmental. And most of us are run by the ego. 

But if you act from your higher self, if you listen to your soul and your intuition, you’ll know that the right thing, the only thing that makes sense, is to include everyone.

And that you are also, always, included.

Lots of love,


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