Today i want to tell you about purpose.

Purpose is something i’ve been searching for, for a long time.

I never was one of those women who knows what she wants to do when she’s 4 years old, or 11, or 15.

I struggled with deciding, and when I had to choose my area of interest for high-school, it was hard. Finally, after months of thinking and agonizing about it, I told my father my decision: I wanted to be an architect.

But my father didn’t agree with me. He thought that I should be an engineer, just like him. To continue the business he had created. We came to a compromise.

And that’s how I ended up in a computer engineering course. And then I decided that I’d finish that course (or I’d be a quitter, maybe forever?) and after that, I’d do architecture.

I spent years blaming my father for that decision. I spent years blaming myself for that decision. Thinking my life was all wrong. That I decided everything wrong.

Lately I’ve been creating new beliefs like:

I always make the right decision.

I’m exactly where I should be.

Everything happens for me.

I’m always in the right place at the right time.

The person that comes is the right person.

And many others that make me think that this is what was meant to be. That this is all part of a bigger story, a bigger purpose. I can’t see the end yet, but I will some day.

Some day I’ll put the pieces of the puzzle together, and I’ll understand why I did the course I did. Why I chose everything related to my career from then on. And I’ll see that it was all part of my purpose. The perfect options to get me to my ultimate destination.

It’s not easy to believe this every day.

Sometimes I still think that it’s all wrong. My choices are wrong, what I’m doing is wrong, my father was wrong, everything is wrong. That’s when I’m in a bad mood.

But that’s coming less and less frequently.

Lately I’ve been grateful for being able to write (one of my options growing up was being a journalist so I could write), for being able to talk about self-development, a passion I always had. For being able to talk about fashion, another passion.

Lately I’ve been noticing many people saying that our purpose here is to expand. It’s to evolve and grow. I’ve been inclined to believe that. It resonates with me.

If I see it like that, all the struggle with my career and all my decisions, that’s what brought me here. If I’d taken architecture back then, I’d probably never grow as much as I did. I’d probably never have to expand as much as I did. People say having a business is a personal development course in itself. I totally agree.

Mabye this was the plan all along. For sure we can’t control everything. For sure sometimes it’s just best to go with the flow. For sure, I loved a book where the author said yes to every opportunity that came into his life and that’s how he built an amazing life.

So yes, I’ll be here, acepting what life brought me, being grateful for where I’m at, believing that I always make the right decision and this is exactly where I should be.

I’m really starting to believe that more and more each day!

What about you?

Are you exactly where you should be?

If you believe that, your freedom starts now!

Lots of love,

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