So this is how you get to where you want to go: you start acting now like the version of you who is already there.

I hear this time and again and sometimes I feel I get it, other times I feel lost and that I have no clue how to act like that person.

I’m not there yet, so how can I know?

I know I can model others that are already there, and then create my own method by taking what works for me.

That’s a good way.

But in every day life, when I have to make a decision, sometimes it’s not that easy to know what’s the aligned action to take. The action I would take if I was already my 2.0 version.

For example today, I had to make a simple decision between going to the gym first, or writing this post first. And I just couldn’t decide.

What’s best? What should I do first? In the end, it’s not that important, I realize that now. But when I was deciding, I felt it would make the difference between being able to write and feel inspired, or not.

At some point I remembered that it really didn’t matter: if I was committed to writing the post, I’d write it anyway.

But I just spent a lot of time making this simple decision. Maybe because I was afraid if I started with the post I’d skip the gym, and vice versa.

It’s easier when you’re in your usual routine. Routines give you freedom because you don’t have to make so many decisions. But today I changed things up a bit: I’m going out with my sister, my husband needs to take the car, so it’s a bit more complicated… a different day.

So what to do when things are different? How do you act from that person?

I tried becoming her by feeling how she feels – which is of course, super calm and relaxed (I realized this in a visualization once) – but it didn’t really work.

She just told me that whatever I chose was fine, that everything would be fine. That I could even skip the gym and the post, and it was ok. of course :) But that’s not how it felt!

I finally decided to write the post first and go to the gym afterwards or just take a walk later today. Because I’m trying this new thing of writing my post as early as possible. So I prefer to write it before doing anything else, like going to the gym. And then I can go knowing that an important part of my work is done.

So all of this to tell you that I think there are many ways to become your next level version and act like her.

Here are 3 ways to be Her

  1. See what people who already are where you want to be do, and adapt their strategies to yourself. Make them your own.
  2. Journal about your ideal life, who is that chick that has all you want, and what she does in her life (every day, every week, every month, every year). Then you can create her routine and it’s easier to do it.
  3. When days are different, when things don’t go as planned, put yourself in her shoes and think from that place. What would she do? If you still can’t find a solution, remember: Is it really that important what you do in one day? What really matters is what you do most days :) And do whatever you want!

Life is short, so just live it :)

Lots of love,

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