Are you following your own path?

Or do you feel that you look too much outside, comparing yourself to others and feeling you don’t mesure up?

I’m starting to realize that I need to do my thing more and more, and worry less about what other people are doing or what is happening around me.

Stay in my own lane.

I spend too much time looking at what others are doing, trying to learn from them. Taking ideas from them.

That was the way I learned some things, without a doubt. That’s how I finally learned to have the style I wanted to have.

By studying how other women created outfits and how they wore different pieces. But after seeing and copying for a while – which is a great way to learn, for sure – I started making my own outfits pretty easily.

I still go to other people for inspiration sometimes, when I’m uninspired. But I know that I can also do different outfits. I know how to put together the best looks for me. And wouldn’t it be exciting if I just went with my intuition and started to buy those pieces that I sometimes feel too shy to wear?

I guess that it’s the same with my business. I already learned a lot from other entrepreneurs, from coaches, from mentors. I already followed a lot of people, learned and tried a bunch of different strategies. And now I feel I’m ready to start doing my own thing. To start owning my own thing.

Doing what I love, doing what is fun for me, and letting go all the rest. So I can create a business that I love and that inspires me (and others ;))

Do you feel the same way sometimes?

Where are you copying or modeling too much?
Where do you need to start to be more creative?
Where do you need to own your talent, your gifts, be yourself?

Lots of love,

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