Today I want to ask you: what about your purpose?

What are you meant to be doing?

If you feel you’ve been looking for your purpose since forever, like I do…

Maybe you can take a look at exactly what you’re doing now.

Sometimes you’re just doing exactly what you’re supposed to do, but you’re just so full of doubt anyway.

That’s what keeps happening to me. Doubt following me everywhere.

But doubt is something that every human has. It doesn’t mean that you’re not on the rigth path. It doesn’t mean your choices were wrong.

Even in the midst of real doubt, fear and confusion, you are making choices.

And maybe, just maybe, they’re exactly the choices you were meant to be making.

What if you’ve done everything right?

What if this is exactly the right path for you?

What if you’re always on the right path?

What if you’ll always be able to connect the dots in the end?

All my life I made decisions or I went with the flow (and when you go with the flow, it’s a decision to ;)). I kept thinking that I’d made the wrong decisions.

Now I think that I always make the right decision.

And if that’s the case, what does it mean about you? About where you’re at now? About your purpose?

Is it possible that you’re meant to be doing exactly what you’re doing now?

Maybe you just don’t love it because you don’t believe in it anymore. Maybe you just need to believe again. Maybe you need to add something different. Maybe you actually need to pivot to something else.

But no matter what, the path you’re on is right.
Your life is right.
Your choices are right.

And your purpose may be next to you, or be exactly what you’re doing now.

Just own it, believe in it, and live it.

Lots of love,

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