Today I want to tell you about feeling protected.

About feeling that we’re always supported by the Universe. About believing that we are connected to everything, to everyone.

Being alone is an ilusion. Being separate is an ilusion.

I think we stay in fear because we want to feel safe. we want to feel protected. We want to feel always protected.

But you already are always protected.

If you truly believe that, what becomes possible for you?

What can you do if you feel safe, no matter what you do?

What can you change?

Can you now leave that relationship, because you know everything will be allright anyhow?

Can you now do what you love, because you know everything will work out in the end?

Can you ask for that promotion, because you know nothing bad will happen to you?

Can you do anything you want?

Today in a meditation, I felt that need for being protected. Maybe being a woman makes us more vulnerable to that feeling.

But of course the answer is that you’re always protected and that at the same time, there are no saviours and that’s ok. You are your own saviour. You are there for yourself. You can back yourself up. You can save and protect yourself too. And there is always protection all around you.

You can feel alone, but you’re never alone.

So, what will you do, now that you know you’re always protected?

And if you don’t believe it yet, add these affirmations to your morning routine:

I am always protected. I’m starting to believe I’m always protected. I am always supported. I back myself up. I am always there for me. The Universe always backs me up. I’m always being guided. I’m always safe.

Nothing can stop you.

There is no shame.

You can do it.

Lots of love,

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