Today I was looking at a collage my daughter did on the wall of her bedroom and I asked her: “How did you do it? Are these things that inspire you”? 

And she said: “No! It’s what I want” –  not in the sense of things I want for me, but just in the sense of things I want.

I think that’s interesting because we spend a lot of time trying to get better. 

Do you feel the same way?

And instead of just doing what we want…

We do things to get inspired, to have a vision, to reach a goal. 

I’ve been learning about this new idea: doing things just for the sake of the action.

What matters is the action. What you do. The results are neutral or they are always for our own good and advancement in life.

Do you believe that?

The problem is that we’ve been conditioned to think a certain way, because of the results we’ve had in the past. We think that if we have good results, it’s a sign to continue. But if the results are painful, we should stop.

And that limits us.

Because sometimes the painful results just mean you need to take a better look within you. 

Those results are a result of your current thinking, beliefs, actions. 

You created them but not necessarily because it’s not meant for you. It can be just because you have a limiting belief, a conflict within you, that makes you want and not want something, at the same time. 

Or it can be that you have hidden a part of you inside, which stops you from taking certain actions. 

I love this idea that what we see, is what’s inside of us.

It’s not that easy to really understand it, but it’s really interesting. And powerful!

If you’re the creator, you can do anything you want!

You can change it all.

So back to doing what you want.

That’s key, because the actions should come from what you really want. From that vision of the life you’ve imagined.

If you did imagine it, it’s available to you.

And the actions should also be what you really want to do. What feels like a hell yes to you!

So what steps can you take now to get there? From your higher self? 

Because the best actions are inspired actions that come from a place of possibility. Not from what you think now, every day. 

That way of thinking and being is what got you the results you have now.

And at the same time, we’re not doing it for the results.

You know your vision, where you want to go. You believe it will happen. 

And at the same time, you’re ok if it doesn’t happen. It just means there’s something better for you!

And you act with love and intensity, just for the sake of the action. 

What’s important is the journey, not getting there. You spend most of your time in the journey so let it be fun and easy and worthwhile. 

Focus on the good things. Keep going. Have fun with your actions.  

And sometimes, do what you want, just because it’s what you want. 

Here’s a fun exercise:

When you’re going to act today, ask yourself: Is this what I really want?”

I bet some things will change ;) 



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