Today I want to tell you about having a vision for your future. And how to go from that vision to the results.

What’s going to happen for you, next year?

For many years I didn’t have a vision. The only goal setting I did, was while I was eating 12 raisins on New Year’s Eve. I had 12 wishes, but I don’t know if I even thought about them again.

For a lot of time in my life, I just went with the flow.

Don’t get me wrong… I did know some things I wanted. I wanted to have a career doing what I love. Then my own business. I wanted to have houses to rent and be a real estate expert. I wanted to have lots of money so I could be financially independent. And I also wanted great relationships, especially with my partner and kids. And I wanted a great body and to look beautiful and stylish. And be healthy. Of course.

Isn’t that what everybody wants? ;)

But that doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t really act on it.

I was just waiting for things to come to me. I was just going with the flow and expecting things to happen, in some magical way.

I realized a bit later, that that’s not how things work! Lol. As you probably already know…

We do have to act to get where we want to go.

And although I went with the flow, with the opportunities that came along, I won’t say I’m sorry for that.

The truth is that it was my path, and it was the right path because it got me here. To this place today, where I’m doing something that I quite love, as I came to realize.

I’m also doing something that enables me to have my own schedule, my own free time. And to do what I want and when I want it.

I wanted to tell you that it’s ok to go with the flow. But I think the best way is to go with the flow when you have a clear, defined, specific vision.

It has two advantages:

  1. your brain knows exactly where you’re going, so it will help you get there much faster.
  2. you can see your progress and how quickly things actually happen. That will motivate you!

I did a vision board some months ago and more then half of it is already done. Or it’s happening right now. I was really surprised about that!

Now I want to do more and more vision boards with all the things :)

So I’m not saying to stop going with the flow, I’m saying there’s a time to go with the flow and a time to set your own path.

A time to grab the opportunities that come and a time to say “No thank you”, because that isn’t going to lead you to your purpose in life.

I’ve been working on my vision, in the last two weeks and it’s finally done!

I started with my vision for next year, then I decided what I need to do during each month to get there, and then I decided what I need to do each week and each day, to get there.

So now I have lots of daily actions to take!

To tell you the truth, they’re not much different from what I was already doing and planning to do. But now I’m much happier because I see how everything goes together, to create the life of my dreams.

I loved this thing that I learned when I was planning next year:

“Never look at the summit. Look at your own shoes.”

That means that looking at the summit is disheartning… it’s too far away. It seems that, if you look at the summit while climbing a mountain, you’re more likely to give up.

The answer is to look at your own shoes and take one step at a time. Just take the next step.

And live in compartment like days. Just one day at a time. Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, next month. Be present today, with your actions for the day.

I loved this idea and I’m going to apply it the whole year long :)

I’m writing my vision anyway, so I know where I’m going. But then I’m going to focus ONLY on the small daily actions and doing them.

So here’s what I concluded for the next year:

I realized I really love fashion and self-development. I realized I still don’t need to choose one. Although that could be easier in a way ;) So I’ll continue to write and do videos about style, image and self-development. I’ll continue to offer styling, image consulting and personal development / coaching services (there are some new things coming soon, and also some old classics I’m going to relaunch ;)).

If you have any questions about your image, style, self-development or coaching, just let me know. I’d love to help you out! Just send me a message in instagram or facebook:



Lots of love,


P.S. As you probably already know, I’m doing a new life coach course. It’s based on Jungian psychology, neuroscience and Eastern philosophy. I’m really loving it, but I also have lots of work, assignments and coaching calls. So I’ll probably won’t do written posts as often while I’m taking the course. And I’ll probably do more videos as they’re quicker to do ;)

P.P.S. Do you want help with doing your vision and a vision board? And to create a plan to get you there? If you’re interested in that, reply to this email or send me a message. I’m thinking about doing a training if it’s something that you want. Lots of love!!!

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