Cooking is health.

I used to see cooking as something boring… but now I don’t anymore.

I’m changing my cooking and eating habits. I want to be a vegetarian.

For years I’ve been focused on my health and well being. I read lots of books about it. I’m always trying out new foods and super foods and mostly focusing on fruits and vegetables. Because those are the healthier foods.

But I never really mastered this healthy thing, because I never liked to cook… so at home, I never really did many meals and lots of vegetables…

Now I decided to change things, because of many reasons, one of them being that I want to create a healthier environment for my family and I.

So, I was thinking about doing a cooking course, when a friend of mine, who cooks really well, told me that the best way is to do it at home, trying out online recipes.

And it’s working great for me!

This weekend I tried out lots of new vegetarian recipes. I was expecting a bit of resistance from my kids, with all that vegetables… and I was surprised when they loved the food and ate everything. And even complimented me about it!

Really, that never happens ;)

That goes to show that when you cook something healthy, everyone loves it.

So the great way to be healthier and more energetic is of course, to cook healthy meals at home! 

And here’s how to start to love cooking

I think that the first thing to love cooking is to see all the value in it:

  • It’s a way to bring your family together
  • It’s a way to give yourself and your family the best health and environment
  • It’s a way to heal yourself and your family
  • It’s a way to do something, learn something, and feel more acomplished.
  • It’s also relaxing and creative.

I read a bit of a book that talks about the importance of cooking and also made me want to do it, it was this one: Prime Time Parenting by Heather Miller.

And the second thing is to find recipes online and do your own course. You don’t even need to buy anything special. Start with what you have home and search for receipes that have that!

I hope it helps! Try it out next weekend and you’ll be surprised about how good it feels :)


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P.P.S. My lunch today ;)

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